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The Sandman

Tools required: a floor to lay on.

Players: 2-4

Scare Factor:


What is it?

The Sandman Game is a paranormal game that will turn any boring sleepover into a creepy night. It is known to make you feel like your entire body is being filled with sand, therefore making it hard to stand or move around. It requires each participant to choose who they want to be within the game. You get a choice of being either “it” or the “narrator”. The person that’s “it” lays on the floor with their eyes closed whilst the selected narrator sits beside them in order to guide them through the journey that the Sandman Game is. This can be played with a minimum of two players or as a group.

The setup

You must first decide who becomes “it” during the game. The person selected to be “it” lays down on the floor, on their back, with their eyes closed. If more than 2 players take part, the rest of the participants should sit in a circle around “it” and the narrator. The narrator then begins to tell “it” a made-up story about how they were either injured or died, and later were cut open to be filled with sand. Whenever the narrator talks about any part of “it’s” body during the story, they (as well as any other participants) must run their finger lightly up and down the person's specific body part. Once the story is finished, “it” has to try and stand up. Their body will feel heavy, as if it was filled with sand, and they will struggle to get up. “It” has to do everything in their power in order to stand up, without the help from other participants. If failed to do so, they will be possessed by a demonic spirit who will live in their minds forever.

Is it real?

The feeling of having your body filled with sand is known to be a demonic presence taking over your body. Therefore having to stand up in order to get rid of it should be taken seriously. Those who fail, never stay quite the same. There have been reports of people who have gone missing after playing the game… could it be the Sandman who got them?


1. Lay down on the floor with your eyes closed.

2. Have your friend sit beside you. If playing in a group, the other participants should form a circle around you.

3. Your friend should now tell you a made-up story about your death.

4. Every time a specific body part is mentioned within the story, your friend(s) have to touch it.

5. After the story is finished, you have to get up as soon as possible.

6. If you don’t stand up in time, you risk getting possessed.

Protect yourself

Playing cursed games without protection is risky. Using the stone of luck and protection also known as "Antares Lucio" is a great way to protect yourself while playing these games. The stone was enchanted by a powerful witch known as Aria Cyrus to provide a blanket of safety and a shield against negative energy while playing games. Get your own today below:

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