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Red Door, Yellow Door

Tools required: 2 people.

Players: 2

Scare Factor:


What is it?

Red Door, Yellow Door is a game that allows for your mind and spirit to be transported into a world that mirrors our own, containing spirits, ghosts and even demons. The intention of this game is to enter a trance state that manifests two dimly coloured doors in front of you: a red door and a yellow door. Once the two have manifested, you will be guided to enter one or the other. You enter a series of rooms which mostly always end in another red or yellow door. You will keep going through the series of doors and exploring the rooms right up until you are pulled out of the trance back to the real world.

The setup

The two players must decide between themselves which one of you will be the "guide" and which one of you will be the "player". The player will need to lay completely flat on their back, close their eyes and lift up their arms directly in front of them. The guide will need to sit down and position themselves directly above the player. The guide will need to place his fingers on the players temple and prepare to start the ritual. Follow the instructions below in order to engage in the Red Door, Yellow Door ritual.

Is it real?

Meditation, trance and entering a state of consciousness other than the one we are familiar with are very real. The Red Door, Yellow Door game is a form of trance and manifestation which has many reported accounts of entering a world that is different from our own. You may enter a non malicious spirit world that could attempt to simply reach out to you in one of the rooms to pass on a message or you could encounter an evil spirit intending to cause you harm.

The worst of them is neither of the two. The worst of them are demons which are capable of freely roaming the spirit plane which you have just entered. If they notice that you do not belong there, they will do everything in their power to keep you in their world and come back to your world as yourself. This is the worst case scenario of playing this game.

Always remember these core rules: never speak to anyone that speaks with you in any of the rooms. Always keep moving and don't get caught up in any of the rooms and most of all, if you ever see stairs that lead downward, never under any circumstance should you go down those stairs.


1) The "Player" needs to lay flat on the floor, eyes closed and arms raised up above them.

2) The "Guide" will need to sit down directly in front of the player.

3) The guide will need to place both of his hands on the players temples.

4) The guide will now start massaging your temples.

5) The guide will now chant: " Red door, yellow door, any other colour door"

6) Keep repeating steps 4 and 5 for 1-2 minutes.

7) The player should now start to see a red and yellow door manifest in front of them.

8) The player should now walk through either colour door and enter a room.

9) The guide's job is to keep asking the player to describe their surroundings.

10)The guide will now instruct the player to keep moving to the next red/yellow door.

11) Keep repeating the process from steps 8-10

12) Never speak to anyone in any of the rooms. Never go down any stairs.

13) Once you are finished, the guide should ask you to walk up the stairs and open your eyes.

Protect yourself

Playing cursed games without protection is risky. Using the stone of luck and protection also known as "Antares Lucio" is a great way to protect yourself while playing these games. The stone was enchanted by a powerful witch known as Aria Cyrus to provide a blanket of safety and a shield against negative energy while playing games. Get your own today below:

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