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Charlie Charlie

Tools required: 2 Pencils, 1 Paper.

Players: 1-4

Scare Factor:


What is it?

Thinking of reaching out to another world but don't quite have the hang of using spells and potions? Charlie Charlie might just be the game for you. Charlie Charlie is a game that can be played alone or in a group of friends. The intention of the game is to summon an entity only known as "Charlie" and ask the entity any questions that you may like. Once the question is asked, Charlie will respond by saying either "Yes" or "No".

The setup

Clearly write "Yes" and "No" opposite one another and then "No" and "Yes" directly below that, in that order, on a white piece of paper. Draw a large plus sign right down the middle of the 4 words. Use one of the lines as a marker to place your pencil down on the piece of paper, carefully balance the second pencil over the first pencil until the 2nd pencil isn't touching the paper at all and is floating pivoted on the 1st pencil.

Demon or Spirit?

It is believed that Charlie is not a human spirit at all but a powerful demon capable of channeling your energy and moving the pencil towards the answer the demon has selected.

Take notice that demons are naturally malicious in nature and will more often than not have negative intentions when answering your questions.

Whatever you do, always say "Goodbye Charlie" after you have finished playing the game. Not doing so may have horrific repercussions as the demon will be invited to join you in life and even potentially possess you.


1) Draw Yes/No on a piece of paper with No/Yes directly below that.

2) Draw "+" between the 4 words.

3) Place pencil on one of the lines.

4) Balance second pencil on top of the 1st pencil inline with the second line.

5) Everyone in the group must say "Charlie Charlie are you there?"

6) Repeat step 5 until the pencil moves towards "Yes" or "No"

7) If "No" immediately stop playing and say "Goodbye Charlie"

8) If "Yes" keep asking questions.

9) Always say "Goodbye Charlie" when you have finished the game.

Protect yourself

Playing cursed games without protection is risky. Using the stone of luck and protection also known as "Antares Lucio" is a great way to protect yourself while playing these games. The stone was enchanted by a powerful witch known as Aria Cyrus to provide a blanket of safety and a shield against negative energy while playing games. Get your own today below:

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