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The Elevator Game

Tools required: elevator with at least 10 floors.

Players: 1-8

Scare Factor:


What is it?

The Elevator Game is known as a blood chilling ritual which can help you get into another dimension. It requires you to press the floor buttons inside the elevator in a specific order: 4-2-6-2-10-5. Only people that leave at the 10th floor are able to enter the other world. If at any point someone enters or one of the players leaves the elevator, do not proceed with the game. After playing the game, several people have reported hearing unusual sounds, having visions, and experiencing paranoia.

The setup

You must begin the game by entering an elevator from the 1st floor, either by yourself or with other participants. If anyone else who is not supposed to take part in the game gets inside the elevator with you, you will have to wait until the elevator can be taken alone. Once ready, press the button for the 4th floor. Do not get out when the elevator reaches the 4th floor, instead stay in the elevator and press the button for the 2nd floor. Remain inside the elevator and press the button for the 6th floor. Stay in the elevator and press the button for the 2nd floor. You must not get out when you reach the 2nd floor. Stay on the elevator and press the button for the 10th floor. Some have reported hearing a voice calling to them on the second floor during this middle section of the ritual. You cannot reply in any way, as the voice calling you is really a demon trying to get your attention and potentially possess you. Do not get out once you have reached the 10th floor. Stay on and press the button for the 5th floor.

If a woman then enters the elevator, avoid talking or even looking at her at all costs. She is not human at all, but a demon, who will do anything in its power to trap you in the other world. You must then press the button for the first floor where two things can happen: the elevator will either ascend or descend. If the elevator reaches the 1st floor, exit immediately and do not look back. If the elevator starts to go up, you’ve been allowed into the Other World. When you reach the 10th floor, things might look slightly different. No one else should be there. Some players claim to look out windows and see only a red cross in the distance. If you choose to exit the elevator, the same woman might appear attempting to question or stop you.

How to stop the game

In order to return home after playing the game, if you had chosen to stay in the elevator rather than explore, just press the button for the first floor and return home. However, if you had chosen to leave the elevator and explore the other dimension, there are a few rules you will need to follow in order to properly return to your home world: you must first use the same elevator you used to arrive. Follow steps 2-7, finishing on the fifth floor.

When you reach the fifth floor, press the button to return to the first floor. If the elevator suddenly tries to take you back to the 10th floor, you must begin pressing other floor numbers to stop the elevator before it gets there. However, you must still remember to exit on the first floor. Before you leave, be sure to check your surroundings. If you’re confident you’re back in “real world,” exit the elevator.

Is it real?

For centuries, it was believed that enclosed spaces were potential portals to other worlds. Elevators seem to have been a more recent medium to enter the spirit dimension. This particular game is hard to prove nor disapprove, because the spirit dimension could look almost identical to the one you are currently in. In other words, the spirit world could convince you that the game didn't work so well, that you will permanently remain in their world of illusion. This would mean that a spirit from their world takes your place on earth.


1. Enter the elevator either on your own or with a group of participants on the 1st floor.

2. Press the 4th floor button.

3. Press the 2nd floor button.

4. Press the 6th floor button.

5. Press the 2nd floor button.

6. Press the 10th floor button.

7. Press the 5th floor button. Avoid talking to anyone who enters the elevator on this floor.

8. Remain the elevator through steps 1 - 7.

9. Press the button for 1st floor - you will either be taken there to exit the game or straight to the 10th floor, which is the Other World.

Protect yourself

Playing cursed games without protection is risky. Using the stone of luck and protection also known as "Antares Lucio" is a great way to protect yourself while playing these games. The stone was enchanted by a powerful witch known as Aria Cyrus to provide a blanket of safety and a shield against negative energy while playing games. Get your own today below:

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