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The Candyman

Tools required: a dark bathroom with a mirror.

Players: 1

Scare Factor:


What is it?

Canydman is an urban legend about a tormented soul only known as the "Candyman" returning from his grave to drag you down to hell with him by using his hook hand. You might ask, now where is the fun in that? We suppose nobody knows until they try the game for themselves. The game is structured in a similar fashion to "Bloody Mary" whereby the player stands in the dark bathroom facing a mirror and repeating a chant a few times in a row.

The setup

The participants must enter a dark bathroom, preferably switch all electronic devices off to deter any distractions. Facing a mirror you have to chant "Candyman" five times. Once this is done the Candyman will start to appear directly behind you. If you want to have a chance of walking away from this with your soul intact, make sure to lock eye contact with yourself and never look behind you. Candyman is an enraged and tormented spirit and will do everything that it can to get you from the back using his sharp hook and drag you down to hell for eternity. To exit the game, you must leave the bathroom while staring at your own face the entire time that you attempt to walk out of the bathroom.

Demon or Spirit?

It could be said that the Candyman wonders the fine line between being a demonic entity and a human spirit. As a human, the Candyman lived a horrible and abusive life, was always tortured and made fun of so when he finally died, his rage produced a very evil spirit. Over the years, the spirit has claimed many souls and left any hint of humanity it could have had a very long time ago. Either way, this entity is not one that anyone should ever want a meeting with.


1) Step in to a dark bathroom.

2) Face the mirror and make eye contact with yourself.

3) Repeat "Candyman" 5 times.

4) Candyman will now attempt to take you to hell.

5) If you want to exit the game, stare at your own face as you exit the bathroom.

6) Close bathroom door and switch lights back on.

Protect yourself

Playing cursed games without protection is risky. Using the stone of luck and protection also known as "Antares Lucio" is a great way to protect yourself while playing these games. The stone was enchanted by a powerful witch known as Aria Cyrus to provide a blanket of safety and a shield against negative energy while playing games. Get your own today below:

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