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Enchanted Stones.

By Aria Cyrus.


What are they?

The stones listed below are thought to contain incredible enchanted power that will only open up to those who are willing to open up to it. It is believed that 7 million years ago, a group of inter-dimensional travellers called "Spirtiums" have entered our 3rd dimension. By doing so, they've trapped themselves in human bodies. Over time, Spiritums have forgotten who they once were and continued their lives as humans, here on Earth.


Spiritums would use enchanted stones for energy, but also for all manner of powers, ranging from manipulating reality all the way through to making someone fall in love with them. A few Spiritums, here on Earth, have awoken and remembered who they once were. Aria Cyrus is one of them and she is here to help you obtain the stones as well as unlock your powers.

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