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Money Curse

Tools required: paper, pen, water and the stone of wealth.


What is it?

Do you have financial troubles? Do you wish for a luxury lifestyle but struggle to afford it? Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to succeed in life and provide a good living for ourselves, our efforts don’t seem to be enough. The money curse works swiftly and effectively to provide you with a chance of success, abundance, good fortune and wealth.

This curse mainly works its magic at night, when you’re asleep. Throughout the period of the performance of this curse, you must constantly think about becoming wealthy. You will therefore be required to change your attitude towards money - from feeling sorry about yourself to actually believing that you are already wealthy and successful. Although the results may not be immediate, three days is considered extremely fast for a get-rich-type of curse. For it to work, you will only need a few items such as a pen, a piece of paper, and a pillow. This is curse is more complicated than others as it requires the enchantment of other people and establishments around you to make this happen. We therefore recommend having the stone of wealth on you at all times which is personally enchanted by Aria Cyrus.


Attention: Please approach this powerful curse with caution.

1. Write down your name on a piece of paper. Just your first name will do.

2. Roll the paper up in a tight ball.

3. Put the paper under the pillow that you sleep on and leave it there for 3 consecutive nights.

4. Every single one of those 3 nights, you must fall asleep thinking about nothing but money. As you wake up on the final night, the wealth and fortunes will start coming to you.

The result

If the curse is performed correctly, you will start to see signs that your luck has turned around and wealth of opportunities heads your way. The only downside with this curse is that as a result of you becoming wealthy, someone close to you will become poor.

You must be extremely cautious while performing this curse. If anyone finds that piece of paper, the curse will perform a kickback on you and result in you becoming poorer than you've ever been before. To protect yourself from such things, please ensure you use Aria's stone of wealth. The stone promotes wealth and protects you from kickbacks.

Use Aria's stone of wealth for effectiveness.

"Imporo Lumos" also known as the stone of wealth is an extremely powerful stone personally enchanted by Aria Cyrus herself. It grants anyone that has the privilege of owning it protection while performing the wealth curse as well as radiates the power to bring wealth to you personally, even without the curse. Aria is currently only releasing a limited amount of enchanted stones, you can get your own today here:

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