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Mind Control

Tools required: paper, pen, water.


What is it?

Each of us, at least once in our lifetime, wished to have the ability to read and control someone else’s mind. Imagine being able to manipulate your enemy’s mind, or to hear your loved one’s thoughts. But what if I told you that this was possible? Mental telepathy has been used amongst us for 1000s of years, allowing us to freely transfer information between our minds. Using the art of telepathy, however, has been proved very difficult to master.

Finding out information without having to ask for it or worry if it’s true is what we all deeply desire. There are a few secret methods on how anyone could achieve it out there, and the Mind Control Curse is just one of them! However, there are a few steps you will have to follow in order to perform the curse appropriately. This particular curse could be considered hard to master, we would therefore recommend Aria Cyrus's enchanted power stone to help with this.


Attention: Please approach this powerful curse with caution.

1. Write down your name on a piece of paper while keeping your eyes completely closed.

2. With your eyes still closed, imagine yourself standing in a room alone with the person who's mind you would like to control or read. Ensure that you imagine this as clearly as possible.

3. Now, picture yourself telling this person what to do and visualise them doing exactly that.

4. Open your eyes and look at the paper. If the name was clearly written, the curse will become active and shortly come in to affect.

4. However, if the name appears hard to read or incomprehensible the curse could kick back at you and give you bad luck in life. Be sure to protect yourself with Aria's power stone below.

The result

If the curse is performed correctly, you will see that the person in question that you enchanted will start to bend to your will or even hand over their thoughts back to you. Be cautious with this curse as the potential for kick back is quite high. See protection below.

Use Aria's power stone for effectiveness and protection.

"Verius Indenta" also known as the power stone is an extremely powerful stone personally enchanted by Aria Cyrus herself. It grants anyone that has the privilege of owning it an incredible power to bend the will of anyone around you. The stone also offers protection from curses revolving around bewitchment, telepathy and possession. Aria is currently only releasing a limited amount of enchanted stones, you can get your own today here:

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