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Luck Curse

Tools required: paper and pen.


What is it?

Do you need more luck in life or want to increase your opportunities in life? The Good Luck Spell allows you to quickly attract the positive things in life. We all desperately desire wealth, family, success, status, health and happiness. But we also know how challenging it can be to achieve it, no matter how hard we strive to do so.

The Good Luck Spell is a simple solution to an unstable life and a great chance to live life the way you deserve to. In order to perform it, all you need is a piece of paper and a lot of faith. You must shift all your focus towards this spell as it is an extremely tricky one to complete successfully. As an added bonus, the luck curse is also capable of shielding you from negative energy and any curses or bad karma directed back at you. This bonus can easily be achieved using Aria's enchanted luck stone which can be found at the bottom of this page.


Attention: Please approach this powerful curse with caution.

1. Draw a simple stickman on a piece of paper.

2. Think about who it is that you want to bless with a life full of good luck and write their name next to the drawn person. It can be your own name too.

3. Roll the piece of paper up into a tube, place one end of the paper in front of your mouth and then blow through it exactly 3 times.

4. Rip the paper up and throw it away immediately after completing step 3.

The result

As soon as you throw the paper away, the curse becomes active and cannot be reversed. However, it comes at a great cost - everyone who is ever around you will feel very unlucky as long as the curse is active. It has only successfully worked on those who strongly believed in the enchanted power. This side-effect can be prevented by using Aria's enchanted luck stone listed below. The stone shields you from curse kickbacks and negative energy.

Use Aria's luck stone for effectiveness.

"Antares Lucio" also known as the luck stone is an extremely powerful stone personally enchanted by Aria Cyrus herself. It grants anyone that has the privilege of owning it the power to push back any and all negative energy. Whilst only welcoming positive and lucky energy, the stone also acts as a shield, protecting you from bad energy and curses. Aria is currently only releasing a limited amount of enchanted stones, you can get your own today here:

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