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Love Curse

Tools required: Paper, pen, water.


What is it?

Love Curses have been used for many years by experienced witches to obtain anyone that they desire, however, If done correctly it can be an easy process that can unite you with the love of your life forever. Before completing a love curse, you must first acknowledge and accept that there are consequences in every action you choose to take. This specific love curse allows you to quickly have the person you love fall back in love with you.

All you will need to complete this curse is just a few simple items, this includes a piece of paper, a pen, water and something that can be used to dig, e.g. a shovel or a spoon. It is necessary that you know the subject’s first and last name before proceeding further. A love stone can greatly improve your chances of casting a successful curse, to learn more about the love stone and how it works please read the final paragraph of this page.


Attention: Please approach this powerful curse with caution.

1. You must first write down the name of your crush on a piece of paper. Make sure it is easily readable and mistake-free.

2. Place the paper underwater without ripping it or destroying the writing. If you fail to do so, the curse will not work and you will have to start all over again.

3. Wait until the paper dries up completely.

4. Once the paper has dried properly, go outside and bury it in the ground. It’s best to do it at night to avoid others seeing you as it could impact the effectiveness of this curse.

The result

Shortly after you have completed this ritual, you should notice the subject will start paying attention to you. The attention might even be a little overwhelming.

This is permanent and will make your crush forever obsessed so you must be prepared to be with this person forever as there is no going back. This therefore means even if you lose interest in them, they will still want you. This curse is not recommended unless you have been interested in the subject for more than 3 years to assure that you are certain of your decision.

Use Aria's love stone for effectiveness.

"Imperium Amare" also known as the love stone is an extremely powerful stone personally enchanted by Aria Cyrus herself that grants anyone that has the privilege of owning it the power to bewitch and entice the ones that you desire the most. Aria is currently only releasing a limited amount of enchanted stones, you can get your own today here:

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